As a writer, my passions embrace:

♥ The Environment ♥ Human Rights ♥ Health ♥ Education ♥ Parenting 

♥ Music ♥ Art ♥ Photography Pets ♥ Boating

Spirituality in Nature ♥ Gardening ♥ Cross-Cultural Differences ♥ Travel

♥ Linguistics ♥ History ♥ Geography 

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As an editor, my areas of expertise include:

Copy Editing ~ grammar, spelling, punctuation, style mechanics
Stylistic Editing ~ clarifying meaning and cliches, improving word flow
Substantive Editing
~ clarifying and reorganizing for content and structure, with occasional, approved rewriting

For decades, I've edited articles, books, essays, business letters, theses and websites. It's given me wonderful insights from cultural viewpoints around the world. I appreciate the depth this work has added to my own writing.





As an English as a Second Language Tutor, my experience consists of:




21 years ESL tutoring: private students of all ages and abilities
8 years ESL teaching: international students at the University of Victoria, including 2 years organizing & teaching the Tutorial at UVic
1 year ESL teaching: immigrants and refugees at Victoria's InterCultural Association
4 years elementary school teaching: Ladysmith & Victoria, B.C.
Bachelor of Education: University of B.C. 
Diploma of Applied Linguistics: University of Victoria

As I have studied several languages and lived in several countries, I understand the difficulties of learning a new language. I have taught all ages, all levels of ability and well over a dozen different nationalities. I enjoy being creative, fun and energetic, yet I'm patient, professional and well-organized. Check me out.



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